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Spice Up Your Pepermill

We make your pepper mill a unique piece, you decide in consultation with us which specific look your mill will have. It is also possible to make a set with a pepper and salt mill.This all makes it an eye catcher in your kitchen

The Chili Blender

The Chiliblender logo

The Chili Blender comes to #chilifestbe

"We create products where the taste is central, only prepared with fresh and quality ingredients.

Because we believe chili's not just for hotheads, you'll find a variety of sharpness in our range. In this way, everyone can enjoy the rich and powerful taste of these unique fruits."

Dekker pepper

Dekker Pepper logo

Dekker pepper - chile pepersauzen is coming to #chilifestbe 2018!

" (Chile) Pepersauzen focusing on taste and not necessarily on heat!

The chillies bring so much more than just heat. With Literally 1000-den different species there are surprisingly many variations and flavors, flavors most people have never tasted.

In my quest to make the perfect "Hot Sauce" I found out that 99 % of the hot sauces focus on extreme heat and I find that a shame. With my sauces, I want people to meet the taste of chillies. Whether you have never eaten pepper or are now an advanced " Firebreather the taste of the pepper is the most important element in my sauces and therefore there is a sauce with spicines to experience for every eater.

Who doesn't want to enjoy beautiful, fair and tasty products? Therefore try today my homemade artisan sauces with the most beautiful peppers, the most delicious vinegars and the best quality salt, piece for piece fair and unique top products.

To also introduce the Belgian market with my beautiful products I will also be on the this year and hope to convince you of the fine taste of peppers.


Wiltshire chilli farm - Fearless Flavour

Fearless with flavor! They come all the way from England to fulfill that mission, we are therefore very happy and proud to welcome the wiltshire chilli farm!

" the wiltshire chilli farm, located in the southwest of England, consists of a group of culinary lovers and lovers of horticulture who share a love for all spicy things.

Our peppers put the fire in our belly that drives us to do what we love most.
Sauces and tastemakers make those people encourage to discover new sensations and find new ways to enjoy what they eat.

What really excites us is the search for new ways to bring delicious, unique combinations to the table by being " Fearless with flavor

That has been our mission from day one and it will always be!"


Check the site

Royal Tiger Chili Pepper Seeds

exited to announce: Royal Tiger Peperseeds is attending 2018!

'The Royal Tiger chili pepper seeds store is based in Germany.

Here you will find seeds of exceptional and rare hot pepper varieties, including Royal Tiger's own crosses.

The seeds are intended primarily for real hot pepper enthusiasts and chiliheads. All seeds sold at the shop are fresh and harvested from the own cultivation in Germany.

Tobi is always hunting for new, extraordinary varieties. Once he found something special, he tries to make it available to the public.

In 2018 he's got loads of new varieties and crosses in his cultivation, so let's see which ones will make it to the as he will be there, selling his newest stuff for the very first time. '

You will find his shop at

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