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Peppers have had a major role in the development of 123 seeds. In 2009 we started selling exotic seeds through our webshop Soon we ran into peppers and we realized that there were a lot of nice, different and tasty peppers in all kinds of colors, sizes, tastes and heat. Our interest was aroused!

Unfortunately, in the early days of the "pepper hype", even before this from America, which was overshadowed to Europe, there were still no specialized growers in Europe and we could not go anywhere to buy our seeds. Well what done, then start growing yourself was our idea. This has led to 123 seeds being the leading Dutch specialist in pepper seeds since 2009, followed by many seed vendors ... Since 2009 we specialize in the cultivation and sale of special pepper and tomato varieties.

Since 2010 we have been selling a wider range of garden seeds, but our preference for peppers and tomatoes has remained and will always remain. As far as we know, as the only one in the Netherlands and Belgium and perhaps even throughout Europe, we cultivate our peppers completely isolated in special breeding cabins, so that the different species are completely separated and cross-fertilization is virtually impossible. Today we grow 75% of our pepper seeds the rest comes from trusted suppliers.

Every year the breeds we breed are chosen with care, in the early years we were mainly engaged in new crossings of super hot species and although this was very nice every year and produced very surprising results, we have noticed in recent years that Although some of the pepper growers also seemed to like this, most growers generally go for original, old varieties (heirloom) with taste and origin.

Nowadays we mainly breed the species where every year there is a lot of demand for species such as Madame Jeanette, Pimientos de Padron, Lemon Drop, Jalapeno's etc, next to which we try out a few carefully selected new species every year. This year again we will take about 100 kinds of special, beautiful and tasty peppers and 100 kinds of special, beautiful and tasty tomato varieties to #ChilifestBe

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