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Chilifest started in 2016 from a joint interest in spicy pepper growing and eating by some of our volunteers. We joined forces and decided to set up a festival to celebrate the love of the fiery peppers. We grew during those first years, and went from a small-scale meeting the first year (with a turnout that we did not dare to dream of back then) to a festival that by its very nature attracts people from all over Belgium and even beyond. Our festival in Westerlo last year made it clear that interest was only increasing, and that visitors were getting familiar faces. Young people, families with children, elderly people … all with an interest in peppers, spicy food, come specifically for the Chilifest. Many people read about our event on Social Media, blogs or via our site and end up in this way with us. We consciously choose to be a low-threshold and FREE festival, family-friendly (play options and also catering-wise we take children into account). Because in addition to the love for the spicy peppers, it is also the pleasant atmosphere that we love.

The continuing interest means that we were looking for a larger location, which is why our festival is moving from Westerlo to Ham. With De Zille we have a beautiful location where we can also be very visually present on the market square with tents, food trucks, bouncy castles. We also provide child-friendly solutions with closures so that the children can play safely.

Over 2019! will go on in a brand new location in Ham.


Saturday 5 October dorpsstraat 15 3945 Ham
11.00 until 16.00 H

Spread the chili love