Open Street Day Ham

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Ziet er onschuldig uit niet? / Looks innocence right? Think again *evil grin*

About Ham, HAMburgers and Open Street Day 2019

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, it’s Open Street Day again. This year Kwaadmechelen will be the center of the event. Street animation, drink and food stalls, music, youth, sports, mobility and world village, the Hamse traders and associations remain in the party.

As a Hamse association we are already going to make the local public enthusiastic about 2019! We provide some tastings, and will point out to people the beautiful plant called chili 😉

In addition, we are organizing the one and only HAMburger competition, where, in addition to being the eternal fame of HAMburger 2019, the winner will also have a place in the food competition at the chilifest. (if he still dares, the cook whispers in my ear)

You can only register on the day itself before 3 p.m. competition starts at 3.30 p.m.
Minimum age is 18, and you must sign a disclaimer that we are not responsible for any physiological discomfort 🙂

The competition rules are simple, everyone gets the same innocent HAMburger in front of him, and whoever gets the fastest can call themselves HAMburger 2019, and gets the last seat at the food competition of the chili festival on October 5 at the Zille in Ham.

Spread the chili love