Big changes on the 5th of October, read the news! This is massive!


Big changes on the 5th of October, read the news! This is massive!

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Some important updates to the schedule for 5 October:

So – firstly, let us explain what has happened over the past 2 months within the International chili community!

It all started with the League Of Fire – Chilli Eating Champions 1st ever World Champion Belt Match at the Guildford Cheese and Chilly Festival, UK – at which the UK Chilli Queen won!

Then, was the Sacramento Smackdown in the USA, which ended up in draw.. who expected that?!
We surely did not!

But that now leads the way for a NEW chili competition – to decide once and for all who will take the incredible World Title Belt home!!

So, Johnny Scoville and the UK Chilli Queen have asked us to fight it out on neutral terrain – BELGIUM!
So Part 3 of this incredible battle will continue at 2019!
We are honoured!

Now these guys are both very strong professional competitors and highly skilled at what they do with many years of experience! Even though we have the Red Cross and an interventiewagen on site, we do not want to damage anyone permanently and give people an equal chance to win..

So – we will have two competitions for you all this year:

First we will have the contest, starting at 3 pm.
With champions from various countries.
Stan Kelders representing the Netherlands.
Ilyas Günay, the Belgian 2018 Champion.
Johnny Junior from the USA
(who is hoping to perform in the footsteps of his father Johnny Scoville. Representing the USA in his first ever chili-eating contest!!)
Two more places are still open for this epic battle, do you feel brave?
We may have some champions from Germany and Italy as well…
You will just have to wait and see.

Secondly, at 4pm, will be Part 3 of this epic trilogy between these two incredible chilli heavyweights!
The final match for the highly sought after League Of Fire winner’s belt!
Johnny Scoville against the UK Chilli Queen – an official League Of Fire – chilli eating champions title contest, no draw this time they both say!

Come and witness something that will go down in history of chilli-eating contests; it will certainly be worth your effort!

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