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one month

foto van  Chilipeper enthouiasts!

One more month before CHILIFEST.BE 2017 !!!
Meanwhile you can check out a nice collection off international stand holders
 under activities / Chili Market en Food Fiësta.
The plants for the exhibition are coming along fine and behind the scenes we are hard at work.

Also you can still register for the chili pepper eating contest!!!
The contenders have to eat a nice range off peppers and the spectators get to taste to.

You can also find the event on Facebook.
Share, like and invite your friends, give us a sign you will join us!

Together we're gonna make a hell of a chilifest event!!!!



Facebook Event

foto van  Chilipeper enthouiasts!

Its time to put CHILIFEST.BE 2017 in the spotlights!!!

Behind the scenes we've been busy for a while with inviting all the food trucks and stand holders.

We have booked a new and easely reachable location with plenty of parking with an option for the upcoming years.
As you can see the new website is coming together as well.

Over the next few days we will publish the first names of food trucks and stand holders.
It looks like were gonna have a nice international company of chiliheads again with a topline of products.

We have created a facebook event
Share, like, and invite all your friends and let everyone know you'll be at chilifest 2017!


Together we're gonna make a hell of a chilifest event!!!!

Foodtruck/Stand Registration


Your foodtruck/stand at Chilifest 2017??

Download THIS FORM and mail us your info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chilifest 2017

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